9 Different Personality Types You Can See at Your Workplace

Knowing what kind of people are working for you or with you is essential for both improving the worker performance and control the environment. So, there’s a list of different personality types you can see at your workplace:

1) The Perfectionist: They’ll work hard and do whatever it takes to live their lives right. Perfectionists will  constantly try to improve their surroundings in their workplace.

2) The Giver: They’d do everything to get your love but not exactly for free. They can feel what other people feel or need and act on those clues. They’re wonderful talkers and best suited for that area of work.

3) The Performer: They’re workaholics in a brief description. They’d be eager to finish a work just to get another one.

4) The Romantic: Emotions are Romantics’ best friend. Their only weakness is to try to connect with every single item in their workplace and every other people around them in an intense way.

5) The Observer: You can’t make them create anything, they love to just sit, observe and feel. They hate it when they have to blend in because why would somebody need to do that? They’re best at individual works.

6) The Loyal/Skeptic: Don’t try to criticise them. Just don’t. They’d think that you’re assaulting them. There are two versions of Loyal/Skeptic workers: protect the rules at all cost and… screw the rules.

7) The Epicure: These people just want to be happy and plan joyful events, but how? “Ignore all of your problems!” seems like the right answer for that question according to Epicure workers.

8) The Protector: They’re born to lead others which means they hate to be controlled. When you have trouble at your work, look for The Protector, because they’ll always be there to get your back.

9) The Mediator: When you have conflict in your workplace, call out to a Mediator because they are specialized in reaching a common ground. They seem like quite relaxed but we all know that that’s just a lie, they’re actually freaking out inside.