Our Solutions

With HumanRate, we offer digital solutions for Human Resources processes.

Candidate Management

Use HumanRate; gain an advantage in terms of time and cost; manage the whole process easily.

  • Personality Inventory
  • Foreign Language Exam
  • Creating a Test
  • Video Interview
  • Expert Opinion
  • Competency Analysis
  • HR Scorecard
  • Candidate Comparison
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Personnel Management

Bring all the data on managing the employees together;  conduct your assessments more accurately and analyses easier.

  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Training Management
  • Performance Management
  • Creating a Survey
  • Organization Chart
  • HR Scorecard
  • Employee Comparison
Online Marketplace

Contribute to the professional and personal development of your employees by using the online marketplace which contains many trainings and tests by the expert enterprises in their field.

  • Trainings from Specialists
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Unlimited Access to the Trainings
  • Professional / Personal Development Trainings
  • Training Certificate
  • Personality Test
  • General Ability Test
  • General Knowledge Test
  • Foreign Language Tests
  • Department-Based Tests
HumanRate Analytics

With HumanRate Analytics, access the statistical data regarding the candidates and employees, gain advantage at determining your corporate strategies.

  • Up-to-date Data
  • Analysis and Reporting Tool
  • Cloud-Based Archiving
  • Recruitment Metrics
  • Personnel Metrics
  • HR Metrics